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We love Avanoo. We enjoy working together. We are obsessed with creating great results for clients.  We are passionate about making a difference in the world. 

Our Leadership Team

Daniel Jacobs

     CEO | Co-founder

Prosper Nwankpa

     CTO | President | Co-founder

Jill Dressen

     Head of Customer Success

Whitney Hutten

     Head of Logistics & Events

Ginger Kern

     Senior Learning Partner

Jordan Thompson

     Head of Video Production

Robert Rome

     Lead Content Engineer

Ted Burnham

     Head of Content

Ashley Chandler

     Lead Content Producer

Artemiy Erokhin

     Lead Software Engineer

Lucien Heart

     Senior Customer Success Partner

Dan Mahle

    Head of Talent & Culture

Antonio James

     Design Lead

Kelly Cavanaugh

     Senior Customer Success Partner

Nathalie Jacobs

     Avanoo #1 Fan

Jeff Bader is President of NBC Universal. He is responsible for the planning of NBC’s primetime, daylight, and late night programming. For more than two decades, he had leadership roles with ABC, including as Executive Vice President of Entertainment, where he also headed up ABC’s primetime and late-night programming. Jeff is also Vice Chairman of the Entertainment Industry Foundation, which – among other things – raises hundreds of millions of dollars for cancer research each year. Jeff is a graduate of Williams College.

Brian Biro is one of the nation’s foremost speakers on leadership. He was Inc Magazine’s top rated speaker, and he has delivered more than 1,600 presentations around the world. A former VP of a major transportation company, Brian is the author of 11 books including bestseller, Beyond Success! He graduated with honors from Stanford and recently he was named one of the UCLA Graduate School of Management’s 100 Most Inspirational Graduates.

Brooks Fisher is one of the world’s top learning experts. He was Chief Learning Officer and VP of Leadership at Intuit, a top tech company. He has trained tens of thousands of employees. He also served as Intuit’s Chief Marketing Officer for years. Before that, he was VP of Marketing and Sales at Infoseek, VP of Marketing at US News and World, and held various executive marketing roles at TIme Magazine, People Magazine, and Time Inc. Brooks is a graduate of Williams College with a degree in English Language and Literature.

James Fowler is a leading behavior change scientist. His research focuses on social networks, behavior, evolution, genetics, and big data. He has been named a Fellow of the Guggenheim Foundation, one of Foreign Policy’s Top 100 Global Thinkers, and Most Original Thinker of the year by the McLaughlin Group. His book, Connected, was a New York Times Bestseller. James earned his PhD from Harvard in 2003, and he currently does research at University of California, San Diego, where he also serves as a professor.

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