Are Your Employees Engaged?


MARCH, 2018




Earlier this year, polling company Gallup released their State of the American Workplace Report for 2017. They begin with a bombshell:

The American workforce has more than 100 million full-time employees. One-third of those employees are what Gallup calls engaged at work. They love their jobs and make their organization and America better every day. At the other end, 16% of employees are actively disengaged — they are miserable in the workplace and destroy what the most engaged employees build. The remaining 51% of employees are not engaged — they’re just there.


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Let’s pause and look at those numbers:

One-third of American employees, or 33 percent, are engaged at work: These are your star performers, people who are excited to come to work, and who fully embody the spirit of your organization. They’re the ones who have your organization’s values in their heart.  These employees are a great investment for your company, because they’ll take all the training, coaching and personal development you give them and pour it back into achieving.

16% of American employees are actively disengaged at work: Chances are you already know who these people are on your team. They’re the negativity in the office, people who seek to bring down those around them and who complain without offering solutions. Disengaged employees can often be extremely talented but they’re not being used in a way that activates their excitement for their job, or their organization.

But even worse than the 16% of employees who are disengaged are the more than half of employees who really don’t care one way or another. 51% of people who are just showing up and going through the motions. They’re not destructive forces but neither are they positive ones. In fact, what they are is untapped potential.

“These are your star performers, people who are excited to come to work, and who fully embody the spirit of your organization.”
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Activate Potential

The good news is that people WANT to be engaged. People want to love their jobs. They want to be happy and fulfilled. They want the deep connection that makes coming to work a joy.

Take a look around today at your team and remember those numbers. Who are your engaged employees that make coming to work a joy? Who are your disengaged employees that need encouragement or a shift in mindset?  And who are those untapped resources, just waiting for you to give them the lift they need?