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Avanoo Blog

Our blog includes collections of insights from Avanoo’s CEO, industry reflections, culture reflections, and articles also published in Avanoo’s newsletters.  

Past Performance… Future Results

Three years ago, I had dinner with an investor in my company who led a prominent fund that had invested in dozens of early-stage startup companies. He’d seen some of those companies go from ideas to being worth billions of dollars.

An Unremarkable Private Company

  An Unremarkable Private Company16 July, 2019 In April of this year, MeiMei Fox wrote a beautiful article in Forbes about the company I co-founded, Avanoo. As I read it, I felt strangely exposed and out of place. It was the first time since I co-founded...

When to Break the Rules

An older hispanic woman was sobbing, and had bags strewn about at an airline ticket counter in Nevada. Worried, I approached the counter. The older woman was speaking Spanish, and the airline ticket counter attendant wasn’t understanding.

Why Our Best Decisions Often Look Bad

A few days ago, I was sitting with the CEO of a medium-sized manufacturing company talking through our 2018 strategic roadmap, when he shared an interesting reflection, “Why have so many of my best decisions been the ones few others understand at first?