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Our blog includes collections of insights from Avanoo’s CEO, industry reflections, culture reflections, and articles also published in Avanoo’s newsletters.  

Why Our Best Decisions Often Look Bad

A few days ago, I was sitting with the CEO of a medium-sized manufacturing company talking through our 2018 strategic roadmap, when he shared an interesting reflection, “Why have so many of my best decisions been the ones few others understand at first?

The Gift of Difficult People

Three years ago, my company, Avanoo, was still in its infancy. We were four people and not much more than a vision and a team crazy enough to believe we could achieve it. Somehow, we’d just closed a deal with a large, well-known consumer brand.

The Answer to Evil Preschoolers and Business People

A few days ago, I spoke with the CEO of a medium-sized company who shared with me a [confidential] story about a group of unethical people who he felt were trying to ruin him and his company. He was distraught, and he asked for my advice.

Are Your Employees Engaged?

…The good news is that people WANT to be engaged. People want to love their jobs. They want to be happy and fulfilled. They want the deep connection that makes coming to work a joy.

Make Business Problems Your Secret Weapon for Growth

By mid-2014, Avanoo had been around for a year. We had a product people loved, but we barely had enough money to pay for rent and ramen, and our highest paying client allocated more of their budget to Kleenex than they did to Avanoo.