Help employees take ownership over the future of your enterprise.

Avanoo equips leaders and their teams with the tools they need to navigate complex changes today, and into the future.

Our Areas of Expertise:

  • Shifting mission, vision, values
  • Digital transformations
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • New ERP implementations
  • Rapid hiring and fast growth
  • Employee churn or layoffs
  • Company or division restructuring
  • Internet of Things (IoT) innovations

How Avanoo Helps Leaders Create a Culture of Ownership

Our Process


We help leaders see change as more than a strategic or operational problem – it’s a people problem.

People must feel like owners over the future to drive strategy and operationalize change.


We help leaders see and understand the needs their people experience in the midst of change.


We motivate and inspire employees to see themselves as owners rather than victims in relation to change.


We help employees embody behaviors, mindsets, and stories that drive success and improved performance in the midst of change.


We ensure that desired performance – however it looks – happens. We partner with enterprises through to success.


See the impact we helped drive at Amsted Rail,
the leader in railcar parts manufacturing.

Creating a culture of ownership delivers immediate returns that build for the long-term.

“Avanoo has been the most popular initiative we've rolled out to-date. We are already seeing meaningful cultural shifts connected to our work together. I know this is, still, just the beginning."

Karen Gates
I-Car, VP of Human Resources

Have a change initiative that you’d like Avanoo to support?

Have a change initiative that you’d like Avanoo to support?

See how Avanoo assists leaders in helping employees connect to their organization’s vision and values.