Why tell stories at work?

Where the science stops, Avanoo begins

There’s plenty of research showing the powerful effects stories have on our brains and behavior. But how do these effects connect to bottom-line outcomes in the workplace? That’s the question Avanoo set out to answer – and after more than seven years, tens of thousands of stories, and over a hundred thousand user interactions, the data is clear.

Stories Drive Engagement

Gallup survey data shows 85 percent of employees are not engaged.1 By analyzing the way Avanoo users communicate, we’ve found stories are a powerful way to reverse that trend. After hearing one of their colleagues tell a story, only 1.3 percent of employee comments are negative. The reason for this incredible reversal is simple: When an employee shares a story about their work, they’re demonstrating a level of engagement that connects with and inspires nearly every colleague who hears it.

1 Gallup, State of the Global Workplace Report, 2017: https://www.gallup.com/workplace/231668/dismal-employee-engagement-sign-global-mismanagement.aspx

Stories Drive Growth

We help our clients track the growth of their employees’ mindsets, behaviors and skills as they share stories around themes that matter to their organization – like trust, compassionate leadership, or innovation. Employees who spend at least 12 weeks engaging with each other’s stories report an average of 11 percent growth in the areas their organization cares about. Some organizations see up to 30 percent growth.

Stories Drive Connection

Storytelling is a conversation where one employee’s story can spark many additional stories, ideas, and reactions. After watching a colleague’s story, on average 64 percent of employees are inspired to share a response of their own.

Stories Drive Value

We know employees receive deep meaning and useful learnings from sharing stories together, because they tell us: 94 percent of employees say they find their colleagues’ stories beneficial. And our clients see impressive bottom-line results too.

Backed by Science; Designed for You

Avanoo’s unique StoryApp technology leverages the science of story to enable interpersonal and professional growth for leaders and teams.

“Results of Avanoo’s work with Amsted Rail include many millions of dollars in savings and millions of dollars more in product and process innovations.”

Dianne Riboul, Director of HR, Amsted Rail

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