Why tell stories at work?

Drive performance

During the COVID-19 pandemic as much as a third of employees are working remotely – and NPR reports that it “sucks”. Survey data agrees: Over half of employees say communicating via technology makes them feel more isolated, and 12 percent of isolated employees say their work is lower quality than it should be. The solution is to help employees feel a stronger connection to each other – the kind of connection we feel when we share and listen to each others’ stories.

The Avanoo StoryApp leverages the unique power of stories to connect employees throughout your organization to each other in ways that drive belonging and performance.

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Ancient Artform, Modern Technology

StoryApp brings together the world’s most ancient artform – storytelling – and the world’s newest technologies – AI, machine learning – to support teams in experiencing more connection, belonging, and performance. Just by sharing stories.

Connect with Colleagues

The best way to get to know someone is to learn their story. StoryApp gives employees a platform to share, hear, and react to stories that express who they are and why their work matters. That’s the foundation for building relationships that support collaboration, engagement, and performance.

Break Silos & Bridge Locations

StoryApp provides a bridge to learn about colleagues in other teams, departments, locations, or time zones who you might never otherwise meet. Those connections generate a stronger sense of team unity and allow learning and ideas to spread organically through your organization.

A Social Experience – Not a Social Network

Storytelling is a social experience, but StoryApp is not a social network. It’s a platform that fosters a deeper level of connection to who your colleagues are, what challenges they’re facing in their work, and the culture you’re creating together for your organization. StoryApp uses social features to support that connection without becoming a distraction.

Avanoo provides a simple process to unleash powerful, impactful stories in your organization.

Tamara Bray, DCP Midstream VP of HR

Tell us your story.

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