Avanoo equips healthcare system employees with stories, behaviors, and mindsets that help shift culture to positively impact employees, patients, and the bottom line.



We equip healthcare employees with stories, behaviors, and mindsets that deliver transformational outcomes that impact culture, patients, and the bottom-line.

Avanoo supports hundreds of hospitals and healthcare systems.


See the impact we helped drive in a healthcare system with more than 500 locations and 100,000 employees:

Our Areas of Expertise

Patient Satisfaction

Avanoo helps healthcare systems improve patient satisfaction. We focus on employee engagement, and support employees in practicing behaviors, mindsets and tools that drive better employee and patient experiences.

Employee Retention

Avanoo works with our healthcare clients to improve retention of employees, particularly nurse retention. We focus on helping employees feel connected to their culture and supported by their teams and leaders.

Leader Effectiveness

Avanoo works across healthcare systems to support manager and leader effectiveness. We help leaders live out cultural values and apply fundamental manager and leader behaviors that improve engagement and morale. 

See what Avanoo can do for you.

See what Avanoo can do for you.