Our story

In 2013, our founders, Daniel Jacobs and Prosper Nwankpa, began a journey to transform organizational workplaces with powerful stories and cutting edge technology.  Today - just a few years later - we are doing transformative work with with many of the biggest brands across all major industries. 

Ava in Finnish means “open” and Noo in Old English means “now.” Our vision is embedded in our name:

Avanoo vision: we exist to help people, teams, and organizations open to our greatest potential…right now.

In other words, we help our clients build and sustain great cultures.

We do it by powerful employee stories through videos that reinforce your organization’s mission, vision, values, and business strategy. We deliver those videos to employee populations, and give employees the opportunity to respond with their own stories, ideas, inspirations. We then use AI and machine learning to sense into hotspots and opportunities within an organization’s culture and predict what stories and interventions need to occur to drive desired business outcomes.

Our Culture

At Avanoo, we seek every day to build a culture that reflects the excitement, connection, and transformational results we deliver for our clients.

Our Values

We see the best in people.
We care about your story.
You move us; we move you.
Together, we are unstoppable.
We are a driving force for good. 
We always seek to be better.

Our Client Commitment

We will help our clients open to their potential in a way that drives better lives, better teams, and improved ROI.

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