Our Story

Our Story

Co-founders Daniel and Prosper have been close friends for over 15 years. They couldn’t have had more distinct backgrounds: Daniel is the son of a rabbi from Santa Monica and Prosper is the son of a bank worker from Nigeria.

When they met at Williams College, they knew they’d do something special together. Not only did they both have an intense entrepreneurial drive, they both had a similar vision for how they wanted to make a difference in the world.

Daniel and Prosper’s stories and perspectives are different, but they both noticed that people seldom realize their full potential. In Prosper’s words, “most people don’t know how to bring out their inner Michael Jordan or Thomas Edison. But it’s there. It just needs to be drawn out!”

Daniel and Prosper have been obsessed with helping people, teams, and organizations in opening to their potential; they’ve been obsessed with providing people and team the tools necessary to go bigger… and better.

Avanoo is a reflection of that obsession.

“Ava” in Finnish means “open”, and “Noo” in Old English means now. Avanoo at its heart and core is literally about supporting people, teams, and organizations in opening to your potential right now!



Daniel is the CEO of Avanoo. He has devoted his adult life to social and philanthropic endeavors that have large-scale impact. Before Avanoo, he built philanthropic technologies that have served millions of people, and built successful entertainment and financial organizations. Additionally, he has received a number of accolades that make for endless nights of interesting stories. For instance, he’s a 3x US wrestling national champion, and he was once called one of People Magazine’s 50 Hottest Bachelors.


Prosper is the President of Avanoo. He has devoted his adult life to building businesses and technologies that scale to support large swathes of the globe. His first business, Xuqa, scaled to support millions of users and was the largest social network in a number of countries. His second business, Peanut Labs, scaled to support hundreds of millions of users, and sold to its largest competitor. Prosper is also a mentor to a small village of entrepreneurs, and can often be found laughing at Daniel’s latest antics.

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