Avanoo exists to support people, teams, and organizations in aligning what they do with their highest ambitions for who they are.

We use a proprietary methodology that includes storytelling, microlearning, workshops, deep analytics, and expert support to ensure your success.

Your success, for us, is a requirement. We measure success based on your satisfaction and mutually agreed-upon performance metrics.

We don’t just improve the status quo with clients and partners, we break through a steel ceiling of possibility and overdeliver on your expectations.

Our expectation isn’t to support our clients in improving performance by 10%. It’s to support 10x improvement. That is our track record.

We are not consultants. We are not software providers. We are not vendors. We are your partners, your friends, your collaborators.

There are no salespeople at Avanoo. Everyone is here for the vision: we are former coaches, learning execs, therapists, storytellers, and more. We care.

We are just getting started. We are building a legacy of good work in this world, and we are excited to do that work with you!

Daniel Jacobs and Prosper Nwankpa

Avanoo cofounders

June 30th, 2013